Thank-you to everyone who signed our petition and helped show that 84% of Surrey Residents said NO to this Casino. Within 5kms of the site, we showed that 94.7% of local residents were opposed to have this Casino built.

The Mayor and Councilors heard you loud and clear, and said NO to the Casino and to the big money influences that pushed for it.

Please take a minute to thank them personally for this brave decision, especially in the light of the pressure from BCLC Minister Rich Coleman who threatened City Council that there would be no more Casinos in Surrey if this one was turned down. Congrats to Mayor Dianne Watts and the other 4 City Councilors for standing tall with the residents of Surrey who said NO to this Casino.

Our petition “Say NO to a South Surrey Casino” was a big part of that input into City Council. Thank-you for your help!
Here’s the link to the on-line Petition. It is officially closed and we have declared Victory!

You knww why it’s important:  Casinos take money out of the local economy, attract crime, destroy the neighborhood, and lead to financial hardship for thousands each year.

You can find our petition by clicking here.

Thank you also for all those who filled out the printed versin of the Casino Survey in preparation for the January 14th Public Hearing. That Petition, more than anything else, tipped the scales in our favour! Thank-you all for taking the time and effort to be heard. We know it sounded like a long shot, so we thank you for doing the work to make this happen!

The Survey form can be found here: The new No Casino in South Surrey Survey

Keep up the good fight to keep our community Casino free!

Thanks for your support!

4 thoughts on “Petitions

  1. Words can not express how exciting and relieved when I was to hear news from newspaper!

    Gateway sent 2 youny persons ( like college students – how shame for Gateway to employ students to support Casino project if it is true! ) to my street for signature to support this project 1 week before public hearing, good news is they almost got nothing !!

    Thanks for all who are against this project by every channel and especially to people who attended public hearing, your actions lead to a happy ending and brighter future of Surrey

    This is victory of democracy!!

    • Thanks Derek! We appreciate your support and the story about Gateway hiring those students. By contrast, the 7 students who presented at City Hall against the Casino, like all of our volunteers at NoCasinoSurrey, never got paid a penny. We all did it for the love of our community! (And for myself, also for the love of loved-ones-past who suffered by getting sucked into slots at the local casino where they lived).

      Thank-you for your excellent comments and support! This is a great victory for democracy! Kudo’s to Mayor Dianne Watts who listed to the residents, rather than big money and pressure from Victoria MLA Rich Coleman and BCLC.

  2. Although South Surrey won this fight , the eleventh hour vote switch by Mayor Watts has had the consequence of allowing the slot machines to remain at the facility in Newton. Bad, bad decision. Mayor Watts assured concerned citizens here last year that these slots were “temporary til the South Surrey complex was approved” She wrote that on Twitter in response to a concerned citizen questioning the 150 slots for Newton. So, it was big surprise that she flipped, choosing political points over what was best for the city of Surrey.
    There was HUGE opposition in Newton including a petition with nearly 1000 signatures opposing the slots here. The council went against their very own gaming policy and allowed those slots. The South Surrey complex would have been a much better location and would have included restaurants, a theatre and other much needed amenities. It is nothing for South Surrey residents to be proud of to have had this ‘victory’ It is an absolute textbook case of NIMBYism. And those of us in Sullivan, Panorama and other Newton areas are once again Watts’ dumping ground. If people are truly against slot machines, let Surrey council know that they don’t belong in Newton either.

    • We let the Council know that we are opposed to all Gambling expansion in Surrey, not just South Surrey. We are on record saying this and it is our position that there should be no Casino or Slots expansion anywhere in Surrey. Actually, we would like all governments in Canada stop relying on the proceeds of Gambling and return to a more sustainable economic development plan. Governments should not prey upon its own citizens weaknesses. You can view the public meeting video from Jan 18th to see for yourself. It was never about NIMBYism and we will do whatever we can to fight the creation of permanent slots in Newton as well. Casinos and slots are not appropriate for South Surrey and they are not appropriate for Newton either. Council made a mistake going against their own gaming policy by allowing those slots in Newton, and permitting them to move to South Surrey would have been a mistake as well. One does not fix a mistake by moving the mistake somewhere else. We all need to work together to prevent the 150 slots in Newton as well.

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