Want proof that Casinos are a Bad Gamble for Communities?

Casinos are bad for the community, bad for crime, bad for addiction, bad for local businesses, and bad for the economy.
Are you new to this site and want to read more details about how we convinced city council to just say NO to a South Surrey Casino?

We successfully proved to Surrey City Council in 2013 that South Surrey does not want a Casino, and that it is bad for the economy and it is bad for Surrey. When you look at the big picture, Casinos increase crime, never deliver on the promises of prosperity for a city, and end up costing tax payers three times more money than they bring in.

Our detailed analysis and report to Surrey City Council, complete with peer-reviewed data, is available by clicking here for a brief introduction and a link to the report. You can also get the complete report in PDF format here.

Click here for a brief overview of the report:
Crime Before and After with Title