Believe in facts, not government Spin on Gambling

“Responsible gambling” is an oxymoron.
(See Vancouver Sun Article Gambling addiction on decline survey suggests, Feb. 3)
Good Luck with Gambling

If it’s true that gambling addictions are declining in B.C., that’s good news. Perhaps all the recent publicity about the harms of gambling has helped. However, a survey taken by the same government ministry (Finance) that conducts commercial gambling in the province (BCLC) sniffs of a conflict of interest.

Furthermore, a survey taken by telephone and internet selects out those who are not on landline phone or internet service, two populations at greater risk for gambling problems, youth and low income people.

Are we supposed to cheer because the “wealthy” are the biggest gamblers? They can afford it, while 18.9% of low income people are considered at risk of addiction.

Are we supposed to cheer because the ministry plans “programs aimed at preventing problem gambling among young people”? Programs such as “Game Sense” and “Responsible Gambling” which have been allowed in our schools basically tell students that gambling is OK, socially acceptable. Such programs are really aimed at creating a future pool of gamblers.

No Cheers for the survey’s finding that the number of youth with gambling problems is up and that 18.4% are considered at risk for problem gambling.

Sorry folks, no lipstick for this pig!
Susan L. of White Rock

Some hard data from independent researchers:
Gambling causes Gambling Addiction if 30% of seniors who regularly play slots at Casinos. Read the details in our Submission to City Council here: NoCasinoSurrey Submission v1.5. Gambling also causes an increase in crime that has been documented by university researchers after tracking the impact of Casinos on Crime in hundreds of communities over 20 years. See the graph below.
Crime Before and After with Title