Our work is complete! … for now

With the Surrey Slots being removed, and the South Surrey Casino long dead, it looks like our work is complete!

NoCasinoSurrey would like to thank all residents of Surrey and beyond who have helped us over the past two years to put a stop to increased gambling in Surrey and make our community safer. NoCasinoSurrey is made up of dozens of individuals and thousands of supporters, many of whom have spent hundreds of hours of volunteer time to fight expansion of Casino Gambling here in Surrey.

Special thanks to Terry McNeice who founded our organization and worked tirelessly on this project and many others to give our children a better tomorrow. Individual’s DO make a difference!
Terry McNeice at the ABC Restaurant - No Casino Surreys Kickoff Meeting

We also thank the Newton Community Association and the leaders of that organization for all their hard work to make Newton safer. Great victory for you and your community! Thanks!

VancouverNotVegas has also been a huge help in fighting the spread of Casinos in the Lower Mainland. Please support them as well. Thanks.

For now, it seems like our work here in Surrey is complete. We will watch for new Casino proposals and keep you informed. Please consider supporting the groups above who have also helped to make your community safer for all.

Thanks so much for your support!
Together, we CAN make a difference!

1 thought on “Our work is complete! … for now

  1. Great Job, but this is the beginning, Mayor is fooling all of us, because it is election year, they’ll be back next year. Don Not hang your boots and be overconfident. This is the beginning to clean up Newton : Surrey Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2014 17:24:49 +0000 To: vbajwa11@hotmail.com

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