The Newton Community Association hosting a public forum on community safety this Saturday

The Newton Community Association is hosting a public forum on community safety this Saturday, February 15th from 2:00-4:00pm at the Newton Recreation Centre gym, 13730 72nd Avenue
Newton Slots
The forum is in response to the overwhelming interest and concerns of Newton residents following the first public meeting of the Newton Community Association, a Neighbourhood Public safety forum is being held to facilitate dialogue between residents and public officials.

Newton residents are encouraged to attend to discuss their concerns and will have a chance to speak at an open microphone to address local politicians, stakeholders and RCMP. We have several questions for our local politicians regarding Crime and how the Newton Slots is helping to make things worse.

Confirmed guests include:
Mayor Dianne Watts and council
MLA Harry Bains
MLA Marvin Hunt
MP Jinny Sims
Translink Director Barry Forbes
Translink Senior manager of Planning Jeff Busby Marou

Our questions regarding community safety include:

  1. Regarding the Newton Slots and its effect on increased crime in the neighborhood, we know from various academic studies and statistics that conclusively show that gambling casinos are linked with an increase in violent crimes and drug use in the neighborhoods where they exist. What has Surrey done to monitor the growth of these social ills on the Newton community caused by the Newton Slots, and what steps is city council doing to address them?
  2.  The City of Surrey makes significant revenue from the existence of the Newton Slots. This money is taken from residents in this area to benefit Gateway and the city, we would hope a significant amount of the profits taken by Surrey are used to combat the problems that this facility creates. Can you tell us what percentage of that money goes back into the local community to pay for needed increases in policing and increased gambling and drug addiction counseling within the Newton area?
  3. We understand that extension of the Newton Slots Gaming License was conditional upon Gateway further developing the site. We have seen no significant site improvements as required by the agreement between Gateway and the city. The City of Surrey’s gaming policy states that any Surrey casino must be a component of a “cluster of tourism facilities”. Since no additional tourism facilities were created, is it not proper that the City of Surrey revoke Gateway’s gaming license for the Newton Slots? Given the correlation between gambling and crime, this would be a positive step forward for our community. who has volunteered to livestream the Forum for those who cannot make it. Visit to view the live video stream at the time of the event

For more information, visit the Newton Community Association website

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