The Science Behind Casino Gambling Addiction

There is a lot of science behind the high gambling addiction rates of Casino Slot Machines. It is not just entertainment as the Casino Operators and BCLC (and OLG in Ontario) would have you believe. The machines are designed to stimulate the pleasure centers in the brain. The same pleasure sensors which help people to learn from their mistakes and get better. The brain has evolved to give us pleasure when we nearly win or accomplish a task. By doing so, it helps us learn as we see ourselves getting nearing to our goal. Without this response from the brain, we could never learn a task as we would only receive pleasure on accomplishing the goal and we would receive only displeasure from our learning experience.

This is how Slot Machines are designed. While the odds of winning are very low, the odds of ALMOST WINNING is programmed to be MUCH HIGHER than normal. This means that our brain gets stimulated and we receive pleasure from almost winning at Slots. While we may be losing hundreds of dollars a night, our brain is tricking us into thinking we are doing well because these near misses fool the brain and stimulate the pleasure center even though you may be losing your house on the next pull of the lever. Very clever these Casino Operators. That is why the gambling addiction rates for people who play slots on a regular basis is as high as 35%.

Watch the video report on this by clicking here.

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