JACKPOT! NoCasinoSurrey wins again!

JACKPOT! NoCasinoSurrey and Surrey win for a second time!

Mayor Watts brave decision on Friday has made the Minister in Charge of BCLC say NO MORE CASINOS FOR SURREY! We have shown that 95% of residents do not want it, we have shown that Casinos are a net loss for Surrey, so we welcome BC Minister Rich Coleman, who is resposible for the crown corporation BCLC, for deciding to get upset with Voters and our wonderful Mayor and City Council for doing the right thing. Minister Coleman is upset with Council for listening to residents and not big money, and for that he is taking his marbles home.

Thank-you Minister! Thank-you Mayor and Council!

Please take the time to write the Mayor and Council and thank them for their courageous stand against this casino and the hardship it brings the community! Mayor and Council need our support!

Please feel free to thank Minister Rich Coleman for being upset with residents who care about families and social costs of a Casino. So please thank him for taking his roulette marbles, and his slot machines, home.

Here the story in the Province this morning. Enjoy Surrey. This is great news for everybody. BC Gaming Minister upset, Says No More Casinos for Surrey!

10 thoughts on “JACKPOT! NoCasinoSurrey wins again!

  1. Not great news for everyone. For South Newton it means the gaming license and slot machines stay in the community. A community that like South Surrey fought hard against them too.

    • Note true Jude. That slots license expires in 18 months, and we will work hard with Newton groups to ensure that a mega-Casino does not get created there either. We want a strong and healthy family friendly Surrey, not just South Surrey! We have been talking to Newton groups for a while.

      • My sources say that permanent slots are here to stay. It’s a difficult issue here and there are mixed feelings. The King George corridor, between 60th and 72nd is in dire need of revitalizing so although a mega casino project may not be ideal it is better than Gateway just putting more slots into their aging shabby Bingo Country.

        • I agree that would have been great. I visit Newton often and would like it to go upscale too. But do not dispair, Gateway’s license runs out in 18 months.

  2. Jude,
    It sounds right to me. I just read the council corporate reports. If you read the fine print Newton gets a mega casino. THANK YOU RATE PAYERS!!!! Have fun raising your horses ,Ilamas and chickens on the pastoral farmland in the middle of no where, while we get a mega-casino

    • At the Public Meeting, we were told that the Slots license is for 18 months only. City Council has to approve a mega casino, and we will help to fight that too. Also, BCLC has said that they are done with Surrey. There is hope.

    • Teri, Can you point us to that fine print. The sooner we start looking into fighting this, the better our chances.

      • Councilors mentioned some of this history at last Friday’s meeting. Amazing that they still believed anyone in this industry after what Boardwalk pulled. If Gateway was such a great corporate citizen, why didn’t it honor Boardwalk’s committments? Thanks for sharing. Still sounds to me like in 12 months time, the slots in Newton are done. Am I wrong?

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