The Public Meeting continues Friday

On Monday night 35 speakers from each side of the issue were heard. That took until 1:30 am. So, the Public Hearing continues on Friday night. The opposition side (NoCasinoSurrey) has 26 more speakers and the proponents (Gateway) have more than that, still to be heard.

On Monday night, our opposition side had good speakers with good points to make, backed up with research, and expressed with passion. Our speakers were residents of South Surrey and White Rock and included all ages and walks of life: people who actually LIVE in this area.

The proponents were mainly Gateway Casino employees, or suppliers of products for Gateway, BC Lottery Corporation executives, leaders of two Chambers of Commerce and construction companies. The majority of them do not LIVE in South Surrey or White Rock.

The battle is not over until it’s over. Friday night will be the end. The opposition side needs your support, to show that we are united in our appeal to the Mayor and Councilors.

The visual message of supporters wearing the NoCasinoSurrey button or sign will back up our speakers, and show the Mayor and Council that we are serious in not wanting this Casino.

Please join us on Friday for even a part of the evening. The Public Hearing starts at 7:00 pm. Stop in for a while before you head out for your evening’s entertainment, or come in after.

Bring your school age children, even for a short time, so that they can learn about the democratic process. Bring your elderly relatives who can’t get there as there is no public transit available. Make it a family affair. It is going to affect everyone, if it is allowed to go through.

We are asking Community leaders who oppose this Casino to lead by example. We have asked them to organize their community to come down as a group and show City Hall that we do not want this Casino.

There will be a NoCasinoSurrey Petition (just for Friday evening) that you can sign to show your support. NoCasinoSurrey buttons and small signs will be available for you to wear into the Council Chambers.

Please come out and support our speakers and our cause.
Sincerely, Karen Pohlmann

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