Public Hearing ajourned Until Friday

The Public Meeting lasted over 5 hours before Mayor Dianne Watts adjourned the meeting until this Friday at 7pm. Sadly, if you have not already gotten a ticket to speak, you will be unable to do so.

Our thanks to all of you for your support and for enduring the snow to go down to City Hall to be heard. You are all awesome and deserve so much better than a Casino. The speeches were great, and I hope the Mayor and Council heard us.

2 thoughts on “Public Hearing ajourned Until Friday

  1. Yes, it was a great meeting…… could council not see that the residents of South Surrey deserve better than this? So too does the rest of Surrey, which already has a somewhat tarnished reputation..Hwy. #99 would just look like an extension of the I-5 dotted with those huge, ugly, TACKY, casino signs. Does this make a good first impression of Surrey, for that matter of Canada’s West Coast?? Keep up your fine efforts!

    • Thanks Sheila! If you can, please encourage people to show up at City Hall for the meeting at 7pm. We cannot afford to bus in paid supporters like Gateway, so unless more people show up, Council will conclude that we are just a vocal minority. We need big numbers there on Friday. I am suggesting that people bring food, drink, music, and lets make it a party to celebrate a community united against this greed that is a Casino.

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