Why place a Casino in a Residential Area like South Surrey?

Slot Machines are a favorite of Casino owners. They require very little maintenance staff, and no staff to operate, yet make up a major portion of casino revenue. Few staff and big bucks. Could this be why the majority of the floor space for the new proposed South Surrey Casino is dedicated to Slot Machines?

Casinos rely on problem gamblers for the much of their revenue. Up to 61% of the revenue generated by Slot Machines comes from problem gamblers and gambling addicts. The closer you are located to a Casino, the higher your odds of becoming addicted. Gambling addiction rates almost double if you live within 16 kms of a Casino. Could this be why BCLC and Gateway want this casino closer to residents?

For South Surrey residents, the nearest casino is currently 18 kms away. To BCLC, this meant that the residents were “under-served”. Could this be because residents were not within the magic 16 km radius for higher addiction rates? The new South Surrey Casino will only be 4.7 kms away from White Rock City Centre. The residents will be “better served” and gambling addiction rates can be expected to double in the region once this Casino is built. Could this be why BCLC and Gateway want this casino closer to residents in South Surrey?

The South Surrey region is full of seniors. Seniors are considered a high-risk group for becoming addicted slot machine gambling with addiction rates reported as high as 35% in some studies. This is higher than the addiction rate of heroin which is only 25%. Could this be why BCLC and Gateway specifically targeted South Surrey’s residential area with its large population of retirees?

BCLC and Gateway say that it is all about the Entertainment.
To NoCasinoSurrey, it sounds like BCLC and Gateway are all about the greed.

And that is just one reason why we say NO to this South Surrey Casino proposal.

Do you want to see the data that supports these claims?
Read the NoCasinoSurrey 42 page submission to Surrey City Council on January 14.
Then decide for yourself why BCLC and Gateway want the Casino in South Surrey.

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