Let’s Operate our Democracy on Jan 14th, otherwise Someone else will

A Letter from a member of NoCasinoSurrey and a great message of hope:
For the last few weeks, I have been sporting a little red and white button that simply says CASINO, with the NO ENTRY symbol over top, i.e. NO CASINO. It’s not very big, nor, in the global picture, is the issue of whether or not South Surrey/White Rock has one imposed on it’s citizens.

Nevertheless, at almost every place I have stopped in the area, with my little button, someone has come up to me and said ‘good for you’ or ‘I agree entirely’ or ‘tell me more’. Contrary to what I expected, most of these were not retired people with perhaps out-dated ideas, but rather young moms and dads, just those people who are accused of not caring, not being engaged in the political process.

If we ask why we haven’t heard much from this group, maybe we are out of touch ourselves. They have no more time, no more energy, and no extra resources to give, as they struggle to hold up their end of the deal in the ‘new economy’. This doesn’t mean they aren’t concerned about the effect of ever greater access to risky behaviour for their families, and the diversion of ever more of our precious green land base to parking lots. But they don’t have a team of corporate lobbyists to represent their viewpoint. Unless city councillors stand with residents as their -already paid through property tax- lobbyists.

Our own community is a good place to start making the world a better place. In advance of the City of Surrey PUBLIC HEARING of January 14th, we could try operating our democracy, putting to work our elected mayor and council.

Alisa Wilson

2 thoughts on “Let’s Operate our Democracy on Jan 14th, otherwise Someone else will

  1. Very well said Alisa.

    I am a Mom who has recently re-joined the workforce. Our family lives a stone’s throw from the site of the proposed casino. The misfortune of not working gave me time to engage in our local politics, namely in letter-writing my opposition to locating the casino in South Surrey.

    I agree with you about young parents. Those I know with children at the local elementary school and local secondary school similarly expressed their concern and fear that this Casino will be located at our back door step. They will not be equally represented Jan. 14.

    Time. A truly democratic process would give us all opportunity for an equal voice, what about a referendum – to those most effected by the location of the proposed Casino – South Surrey residents.

    Surrey City can locate their Casino elsewhere; where is our “elsewhere”?

    • Hi Carole, Our new Youth Chapter has an excellent alternative site proposed, but it is probably best to let them announce it when they are ready. They have been working very hard on some excellent ideas. It is a very encouraging sign for the future.

      Scott (webmaster dude of NoCasinoSurrey)

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