We have started a Petition

We’ve started a petition “Say NO to a South Surrey Casino” and need your help to get it off the ground. Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link: http://www.change.org/petitions/say-no-to-a-south-surrey-casino

We won the first round and showed Surrey City Hall that the community does not want a Casino in South Surrey. Now on to round 2 on January 14th 2013 and we need your help once again to fight the misinformation being spread by Gateway about what we really want!

You know why it’s important:  Casinos take money out of the local economy, attract crime, destroy the neighborhood, and lead to financial hardship for thousands each year.

You can sign our petition by clicking here.

Once you have signed our petition, we also need you to fill out the new updated Casino Survey in preparation for the January 14th Public Hearing. Please sign both the Petition now, and fill in the new Survey by January 8th 2013.

The new Survey form needs to be filled in prior to the Public Hearing and can be found here: The new No Casino in South Surrey Survey

Keep up the good fight to keep our community Casino free!

Thanks for your support!

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