The December 10th Surrey Land Use meeting was a perfect study in contrasts.

The Dec 10 Land Use meeting was a perfect study in contrasts. There was a presentation for sustainable growth, “gentle infilling” and an increase in Surrey’s green space over the next decades. Two people spoke for the YMCA and notably the young man who emphasized the ‘safe’ environment found there and how that environment enabled a friend to dramatically change his life for the good.

Then, there was the show by the casino proponent who, being concerned about standing on a level playing field where thousands of affected community residents have already expressed opposition to the proposed casino, bussed in workers from other areas to dazzle Council with their numbers.

Unfortunately, and contrary to comments by some Councillors, this is not true ‘healthy dialogue’ from the community…this is just an example of what casino owners like to do…fix numbers to profit themselves…hardly an enterprise of integrity to be welcomed into Surrey!

In today’s market, $3 Million revenue is barely the price of a couple of houses…an unacceptable exchange for the degradation of a community and destruction of eco-systems and green space by an enterprise which gives no “safe environment” or “wholesome and beneficial opportunity” for our youth, but rather targets the vulnerable, encourages addictions and sends the majority of dollars into pockets outside of Surrey.

We look to Council to provide better prospects for our community, and therefore are asking them to deny the application for a gaming licence in South Surrey by Gateway Casinos.

A concerned Surrey resident

3 thoughts on “The December 10th Surrey Land Use meeting was a perfect study in contrasts.

    • Hi Vikram,
      Thanks for your support. How is your petition going? Please message me directly through facebook at (for privacy reasons). We also created a Petition to ask City Council to follow Marvin Hunts excellent lead and say NO to this casino. Please check it out and sign if you agree. Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Hi Vikram,
      A referendum is a good idea but it would be even better if we could just convinvce City Council to deny Gateway the license altogether. They already have heard from the people in the community, and the vast majority have said NO!

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