Crime and Addiction at Casinos according to the RCMP and Vancouver Police

The proposed Edgewater Mega-Casino in False Creek Vancouver was successfully blocked in 2011. Let’s do it again in Surrey on Jan 14th 2013 at Surrey City Hall!

In the battle against the Edgewater Mega-Casino, a group of former RCMP and Vancouver police officers urged Vancouver city council not to approve a massive casino project proposed for the city’s downtown.

The group, comprising 16 retired officers, a currently serving RCMP sergeant and a police psychologist, wrote an open letter to council, which describes the planned relocation and expansion the Edgewater Casino as an invitation to increased criminal activity and gambling addiction.

While the Casino and BCLC disagreed with these police officers, one must wonder if the millions of dollars to be made affected their research. These police officers spoke up on their own time and for no pay other than for the honor of serving and protecting their community once more.

Our thanks to the many great RCMP and Vancouver Police officers for their unceasing efforts to serve and protect the community, and the dedication to duty both while on active duty and long into their retirement years! Our gratitude and respect to you all!

Here is a link to a short video from the CBC on this called “Former officers slam Vancouver casino proposal” Click on

2 thoughts on “Crime and Addiction at Casinos according to the RCMP and Vancouver Police

  1. I applaud the efforts of all the people who gave their time to help the City of Vancouver decide against the Edgewater Casino proposal.

    In my opinion we need to focus on the impact Gateway’s Casino will have on our neighborhood. I think it’s important to fight the choice of location. Surrey has many industrial parks and commercial areas that are not close to quiet family oriented neighbourhoods. I chose to raise my family in a quiet, safe community AWAY from the city sprawl. My neighbors also chose our neighbourhood because it is a desirable location in which to raise young children.

    I think Surrey is determined to have a Casino and Entertainment Complex; money is a powerful motivator. It is important to me that the Casino development is located somewhere else.

    Thank-you for all your hard work,

    Fw: South Surrey Casino ProposalFw: South Surrey Casino Proposal

    • The people from VancouverNotVegas led the charge and I have been in constant contact with them and they have helped us very much. We need to get them in contact with our organizers next. Thanks for your support and hard work as well Carole!

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