Tell City Hall Tonight That Your Family’s Safety is worth more than $23

The council meeting to decide if the casino application moves forward is this evening (Monday Dec 10th from 4:45 to 8:00 ish). 7000 people have signed a petition in support of the casino which was placed in the Casino for patrons to sig
n. That’s not representative of the community!

Let’s be there to show the Mayor and those who signed the petition that there are many more who oppose it. Let’s remind them that the promised $3 Million from the Casino is only $23 per household. It is not worth destroying our community for $23! Tell Dianne Watts that we expect more from her than a Casino and Crime so we can save $23 on our tax bill! Remind her that her new office furniture is costing you $38. Tell her to go Green as re-use that City Hall’s furniture and so no to the new Casino. If she does both, it will SAVE you $15 on next year’s tax bill.

Surrey City Hall is at 14245 56 Ave (Highway 10).

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