Surrey has extened their Deadline for receiving public input

The City of Surrey has extended the deadline for providing feedback until Dec 5th. Kudos to the Mayor and Councillors for delaying the decision in order to hear from the community! And Kudos to the NoCasinoSurrey team for helping to make that happen!

If you have already submitted your Casino Survey Form, then no need to submit a second one. Thanks for your help and support.

If you have not fill in the survey, then Surrey City Hall does not know how you feel. You can let them know by printing out and filling in the new/improved No Casino in South Surrey Survey Form below. Once you have filled it in, mail it to City Hall or email an scanned image of the signed form to City Hall according to the instructions on the form.

You can get a copy of the new form at this link: Casino Survey Form.
The form must be submitted to City Hall by Noon on Dec 5th (see form for details).
The link to the form is also available here:

The new date for the Public Meeting will be on Jan 14th at 7pm in Surrey City Hall.

Tell Surrey City Hall what you think of the Casino in the following ways:
1. Print and Fill out the form below and mail to City Hall to be received by Dec 5th at Noon.
2. Attend the public hearing and let Surrey council know what you think of the proposed Casino – January 14, 2013 at 7pm
3. Let Surrey council and the Mayor know what you think of the Casino by sending them an email or mail and tell them directly. See the post on this page dated November 19th for details on emailing the Major and the city councilors.
4. If you are a White Rock or Langley resident, let your Mayor know that this is an important issue for your city too! Dianne Watts has said that she wants input from these cities too. In the case of White Rock, the Mayor and City Council have decided to not comment on the matter! They say that this is not something that we have a say in and it does not affect White Rock. Make them understand that both statements are not true. They want to hear from you. Phone, email, or twitter them today and tell them that this issue us far too important to for them to remain sitting on the fence. Twitter them and ask them to read the posts on this page regarding the expected impact to White Rock regarding crime, and job loss. Your local government represents you. Be sure that you are heard!

2 thoughts on “Surrey has extened their Deadline for receiving public input

  1. How about providing a printable quarter-page-sized copy of the NO CASINO button that could be taped inside the car windows? I wouldn’t mind driving around with a couple of them over the holidays to get the word out. I had my button attached to my purse for one afternoon of shopping, and have already had supportive comments.

    Alisa Wilson

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