Do Casinos create jobs?

Some people who stand to gain from the proposed new South Surrey Casino tell us that Casinos create jobs. The kind people from BCLC are so convinced of this that they pointed me to a report on the Social-Economic Impact of Casinos produced by the BC Government in 2007. While the BCLC and the BC Government make over a $1Billion/year on gambling, I am sure that their report would be unbiased so I was very interested in reading it. Given that the report is 197 pages long, I am not sure anyone ever expected me or anyone else to actually read it. But, just for fun, I did. The following is a quote from that document in the section on the Effect of Casinos on Employment. This is a quote from the BC report on Gambling Impact on society. This quote is not a myth. This is a fact.

“(Garrett 2003; Grinols 1994; 1996; 2004) have pointed out that gambling often does not create new jobs. Existing jobs in retail, entertainment and the food service sectors are often displaced or “cannibalized” by the gambling industry as spending patterns shift to casino gambling. Furthermore, these new casino jobs are typically low skilled and low paid compared to some of the jobs they are displacing (McMillen 2000; Marshall 2001).”

So these Studies, cited by the BC government report itself, say that Casinos do not create jobs, that Casinos move jobs from one location to another instead. Existing higher paying jobs in local businesses get cannibalized by the Casino and replaced by lower paying jobs within the Casino itself. This is not good for local business and their owners and their employees. If you own one of these local businesses, or work for them, then a Casino is not good news for you. You may lose your job or business. But the good news is that when those local businesses go into bankruptcy, the business owners and their employees can always get a low-skilled low-paid job as a card dealer or pit boss at the very casino that helped kill their business in the first place.

Gateway and the BCLC both say that Casinos create jobs. Of course, if you just look at the immediate neighborhood where the proposed South Surrey Entertainment Complex will be located, then the BCLC and Gateway are correct about creating more employment! It’s true. Let’s look at the facts. Look at the net employment figures on the property to prove it! There will be more jobs created than lost locally within this neighborhood. On this property, currently a bunch of lazy unemployed animals live there or nearby: these animals include Spawning Salmon, Bald Eagles, Deer, Coyotes, Llamas and Horses. Most of these animals do not even have jobs! But thanks to the Casino, the Salmon will not return to blight the neighborhood with spawning activities, and the Bald Eagles, Deer, and Coyotes can all move elsewhere if they to not like their new neighbors. The Casino will not only directly create 500 new full time jobs, there will be added employment in support industries such as money laundering, kidnapping, loan sharks, prostitution, pawn shops, drug dealers, and organized crime according to the RCMP and police reports from other casinos. The Casinos in Langley and the River Rock in Richmond have shown us the way! And there will be additional spin-off jobs in services which include the need for more police, ambulances, lawyers, judges, pawn shops, collection agencies, bankruptcy firms, real-estate agents to help sell foreclosed homes, and of course we will need more morgues and prisons. Where there was once only wild life, green-spaces, and high unemployment, with a Casino we will have hundreds of new Casino jobs and a dozen spin-off industries created! That’s a net gain of Employment in this small portion of land in South Surrey near the casino. Do not worry that the Casino will cannibalize existing businesses in White Rock and South Surrey! There will be plenty of jobs near the Casino for everybody.

And remember that the Casinos say that it is all about Entertainment! It is all about the Entertainment! The salmon may not return and all the existing wildlife will move out to a quieter neighborhood, but for those with homes nearby, do not worry about a lack of entertainment because now there will be a new kind of wildlife which includes all those gamblers, money launderers, kidnappers, loan sharks, prostitutes, people pawning their last possessions, drug addicts and their dealers, BCLC executives, and of course organized crime members too!

Who would you rather trust to run our government?

Do you want to listen to our BC government which neglects schools, hospitals, and the arts, but has managed to find lots of time in the past 30 years create and invest in a network of Gambling Casinos throughout your province which suck $2.6Billion from BC Residents each year while only returning about $1B back to the government, and 6% back to the city that hosts it? The Government says Gambling and Casinos create jobs. The Facts are that jobs are cannibalized from the community and moved into the Casinos, and vast amounts of money are transferred from the community into the hands of the Government and the owners and employees of the Casinos.

Or would you rather listen to someone like Warren Buffet who is a self-made billionaire who relies on sound investment and careful long-term thinking to make money by earning it. If you think you trust Warren more than the BC Governments of the past 30 years (of both Parties), then watch this video to see what Warren Buffer thinks of Casinos. With respect to the promise of economic development, Warren says that there is NOTHING getting developed! It is a transfer of money, Addictions produce crime! (My thanks to Sandy Garossino for providing the link to this video – Sandy is a co-founder of the group VancouverNotVegas which successfully blocked the Mega-Casino proposed for BC Place in 2011).

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