Tell Surrey City Council What You Think About the Casino on January 14th

Congrats to the Mayor Dianne Watts, Surrey City Council, and the City Planning department for doing the right thing, and delaying the decision on the Casino to allow proper process and give the city time to read and understand all the opinion and feedback submitted by the public.

On January 14th, you will have your chance to give your views directly to City Council regarding the proposed Casino. For or Against, you will have from 3 to 5 minutes to be heard. To help inspire some creativity, here is how Tom Durrie used his 5 minutes in front of Vancouver City Council in 2011. The Mega-Casino proposed for BC Place was denied a Casino Gambling License. Can we make that happen in South Surrey? YES, WE CAN!

It is time that the BC Lottery Corporation and the BC Government stop telling us to “Please Gamble Responsibly”. It is high time we told our government to kick their addiction on Casino cash and short term solutions, and to tell them to “Please Govern Responsibly!”

Tom Durrie’s speech during the Vancouver casino debate. A great speech and vision! I encourage others to view this short video as well. It is exciting to know that they won their battle against having a Mega-Casino in BC Place. With support from people like you and Tom, we can win this battle too. At the beginning of the speech, he talks about yellow t-shirts and public transit: he is referring to the fact that the Casinos paid to have their supported bussed in and paid to buy them all pro-casino t-shirts. Here is the link again to the video of Tom’s speech:

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