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Gateway Casino followed city bylaws by informing all neighboring Surrey City Property owners of the proposal about the Casino. Sounds good? Nope. City bylaws specify that they only needed to inform those property owners within 100m of the property. Since this is a rural farmland area, and homes are located on acreage, the number of home owners actually notified could be counted on one hand. At the public discussion on November 14th at the Pacific Inn with 430 in attendance, not ONE person raised their hand when asked if they had received proper notification. Now we know why. We deserve to be notified when a big development is proposed in our neighborhood. For a casino, the 100m rule makes no sense.

For more information from Surrey City Hall about the proposed South Surrey Casino, visit:

2 thoughts on “Visit Surrey’s Casino Info Page

  1. This will be a David vs Goliath stuggle. Expect Gateway to exploit every legal means to push their casino. City staff are often pro development and maintain a working relationship with developers and their agents that does not promote neutrality. In any case they do not see it as their role to advocate for concerned residents. City councilors will be shown dollar signs and will have difficulty resisting the affections of a slick marketing monster. Everyone knows that a casino sucks more money out of a community than it puts back in, and that the money often enough comes out of the pockets of those who can least afford to pay it. But in any wealth distribution system, when the decision making is in the hands of the those who will benifet from the scheme, there is little incentive to refuse. We can only hope that mayor and council will acknowledge the huge social cost of this type of development and do the right thing.

    • John: Unforuntately, much of what you say is true but there is some hope. The group known as VancouverNotVegas ( prevented a Mega-Casino from coming to BC Place. The odds are against us as well, but if we work hard and aim that little pebble just right, we might have a chance.

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