Minutes from Nov 14th Casino meeting at Pacific Inn

Subject: SURVEY- Vote On Casino

Hello Everyone,

Click on the link below go get a copy of the Market Survey regarding the proposed new Casino in South Surrey on 25 acres, on 168th St., between 10th and 12th Avenues.   https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B2xA-hA_y9fJVm9SU3BMRGZVUE0

You can  vote for or against this proposal, on this form.  Print the form and fill it  out.  PRINT your name and address and sign.  (Phone number and e-mail  address are optional).  This form is time sensitive and there are three ways  of getting it to Ron Gill, City of Surrey Planner, BEFORE NOON ON MONDAY,  NOV. 19, 2012.  It is probably already too late to send the form in by mail,  so SCAN your signed form and send in by e-mail, or FAX the form, or DROP OFF  at City Hall.

Last night a public meeting was held by the Community Committee for citizens  of Surrey and White Rock at the Pacific Inn.  Four hundred chairs were  filled and about 30 people were standing.

Representatives from the BC Lottery Corp., Planning Dept. of the City of  Surrey, Gateway Casinos, Semiahmoo Nation, and our Community Committee were  at the head table and all spoke and answered questions from the citizens in  attendance.  Many people from the community gave their opinions and pointed  out problems with the casino proposal or location, or the lack of  notification about the casino.  Terry McNiece, president of the Surrey Rate  Payers Assoc., who moderated the event, asked the 430 people who attended  three questions:

  1. How many of you were contacted by the City of Surrey  concerning this proposal? No hands went up.
  2. How many were contacted by  the BCLC? No hands went up.
  3. How many were contacted by Gateway Casino? No hands went up.

It is no wonder that the citizens feel that they are NOT being properly consulted about developments in our community.

One speaker, a farmer in the area, asked the assembled citizens for a show of hands of those IN FAVOUR of the Casino.  ONE person put his hand up.  The
speaker also asked how many were NOT IN FAVOUR of the Casino.  EVERYONE ELSE PUT THEIR HANDS UP. Many from the media were there, and you have probably already seen the TV  coverage.  Terry McNiece and possibly Diane Watts will be interviewed by Bill Good Thursday morning on CKNW. Tune in.

Watching it on TV, or hearing it on the Radio, or reading about it in the Newspapers is all great— but it doesn’t get YOUR OPINION to Surrey City  Councillors or Mayor, who are the ones who will decide whether this development will go through or not.  We are only TWO MEETINGS away from the  possibility of the Gateway Casino proposal being approved.  This is the ELEVENTH HOUR!

What can you do??

  1. Fill in this Market Survey Vote and get it into City Hall AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  2. Forward this Market Survey and letter to all of your own contacts in White Rock or Surrey.
  3. Write an e-mail to the Mayor and Councillors (go to www.surrey.ca to get e-mail addresses; under heading of  “City Government; Mayor and Council”)
  4. Attend the Land Use Planning Meeting at City Hall on Nov. 26th, at 5 pm.  Although you won’t be allowed speak, the Mayor and Council pay attention to the numbers of citizens in attendance, as well as to the visual messages on signs or “buttons”.
  5. As many as possible, attend the LAST meeting, which is the Public Hearing at City Hall (on 56th Ave–access from 144th St.) on Monday, Dec. 10 at 7 pm


Thanks for your efforts!    Karen and Michael Pohlmann

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