4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. We already have so much noise pollution froms sirens in this area. There is a large nursing home next door to the Pacific Inn resulting in increased ambulance traffic, and there is certainly no shortage of police sirens either due to being close to a large hotel and the border crossing. People living on both sides of K. George Blvd.–thousands of families–put up with more ambulance noise than many others in this community. I can only imagine the noise pollution increase that will will have to be endured on account of a casino. I am strongly opposed to this for many other reasons as well, but if noise pollution is considered a valid complaint when the city hall considers the building of new nursing homes, then this concern should surely be of high interest for the building of gambling casinos.

    As a tax payer, I am l00% against building this casino, and there are many other valid concerns that parents, the elderly and general taxpayers also share with regard to this issue.

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